What are Kyoto Maiko Experiences?

Kyoto’s geisha quarters have existed for over 350 years; under their system, the traditional establishments decline to serve new guests unless they have an introduction from an existing customer. Because the open handling of money was considered vulgar, establishments operated on a deferred payment system and could not receive customers they did not yet trust. Establishments also had a custom of performing thorough customer care and valuing social ties. Due to this rule of declining new guests, Kyoto’s geisha quarters are regarded as highly exclusive, given that no customer, no matter how wealthy or powerful, can enter an establishment without an introduction.

There are ordinary people who are interested in but have given up on ever enjoying this unreachable form of entertainment. It is to these people that we wish to offer, through our Kyoto Maiko Experience, the chance to learn a little about the intricacies of the geisha quarters and culture surrounding maiko, to rediscover the beauty of Japanese culture, and to build new relationships between people.

For those who wish to enjoy Kyoto sightseeing by night; those who wish to chat with a maiko, even once; those who wish to experience a fairly sophisticated form of entertainment; and those who wish to entertain guests from abroad: our Kyoto Maiko Experience will allow you to enjoy Kyoto’s traditional entertainment with ease, even if it’s your first time.

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